Inside the Hotel Taki you can find the BEEKITE Windsurf and Kitesurf School VDWS.

  • The Spot
    Our Windsurf and Kitesurf school “BeeKite” is located in Castelletto di Brenzone directly on the sea. The kite gets started directly by the boat in the middle of the lake. That´s why there is no risk to get hurt anyhow on the beach. We drive you then to where there are the best windconditions and you have enough space. Our training area is 15 km long and 4 km large.

  • The wind
    There are two main winds on the Garda Lake. The “Peler” and the “Ora”. The “Peler” comes from the north and begins already soon in the morning by 6 am o´clock. It can be gusty and and achieve up to 30 knots. Around 11 am the “Peler” eases off  and the “Ora” comes up. So the best time to be on the water is from 2 pm to 6 pm. The “Ora” offers perfect conditions for beginners as it´s a quite stabil wind and achieves around 16 knots.

    The Center
    The Wind- and Kitecenter VDWS and IKO “BeeKite” is located in Castelletto di Brenzone lake Garda in the Hotel Taki, directly on the lake. The center offers different facilities: overnight stays, Restaurant, Bar, sunloungers, Pool, shower on the beach and much more....
    If there should be no wind one day we kindly offer you an altenative programme, on the Garda Lake it will not get boring for sure: sailing, Cat-Tour, canyoning, climbing, Paragliding, sporty boats, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and for those who want it a bit more relaxed a visit to the close located winerys.
    Description of the classes

    Who is it for? This package is a beginners introduction to the sport, aimed at people who have never windsurfed before and want to learn the fundamental skills required to start windsurfing or people who have perhaps completed a basic course elsewhere and feel they need to recap. i.e. No experience up to harness level.
    4 lessons of 3 hours/day: we’ll teach you the theoretical and practical basics of windsurfing : hauling up the rig, starting, tack, jibe.
    If you like you can complete this course with the exam for the basic licence by VDWS. It is a proof for the practical and theoretical training and makes it easier to hire windsurfing equipment in other windsurfschools.
    These courses usually run 3-5 days. As with all of our courses, shorter options are available.

    For those who have done some windsurfing before and are itching to progress, we'll take you through slicker starting, better turning and most of all going faster!
    Locked into your harness, feet firmly in the straps, ears ringing to the tune of the board skipping across the water!  There's no going back now.  The days of wobbling around seem long gone, although staying dry still isn't an option. You still fall off, faster and with a bigger splash than ever before.

Prices of the classes

  • Beginners Classes 3 - 5 days 180 €
  • Intermediate Classes 2 days 4 hours 110,00 €
  • Intermediate Classes 3 days 6 hours 165,00 €

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